Wayne Hellman, MD


Wayne Hellman is founder of Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) and served as its CEO since the company’s inception in 1983 to 2014. Prior to this, he worked at General Electric for 16 years. Mr. Hellman grew ADLT from $900,000 in first year revenues to over $250 million. ADLT has significant manufacturing operations in Germany with its thin film coating and optics facility, a specialty chemical operation in the US, and three large factories in India where it’s lighting products are manufactured. Mr. Hellman’s expertise is in product development with the focus on leadership products that set the standards for new applications. High market share is the goal for most of the product strategies. To pursue these many product innovations and to fund the growth, Mr. Hellman has raised over $500 million during ADLT ‘s 30-year growth history. After his retirement in 2014, he is now Managing Partner of Hellman New Ventures LLC. Mr Hellman graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Physics.