First Wave Technologies is a newly formed technology firm established to assist researchers and corporations advance their technologies to market. However, more importantly than providing "just money", First Wave's model is to provide a complete management team that can partner with researchers to accelerate introduction of ideas into the hands of customers.

First Wave Products Group, LLC

First Wave Products Group, LLC is based on a concept for a fully automated pill crusher from the University of Buffalo’s Center for Assistive Technology, which had previously worked with companies such as Black & Decker to launch new assistive devices.

Since the invention of the mortar and pestle, tablet or pill crushing has been an integral and daily routine for pharmacists and caregivers. However, the product category has historically been considered a commodity with mostly arcane manual approaches utilized.

What was needed was a technical solution which demonstrated the impact of product performance on clinical outcomes (patient rejec-tion, lost dosing, etc.).

Our initial market focus is the ~69,000 institutional care sites in the US, which already utilize some sort of crushing device as part of their daily patient care.

Nursing home, long-term care facility, and hospital workers often crush hundreds of pills in any given day. Residents require up to 16 pills per patient and dis-pensing up to 6 times per day across an average of 100-200 beds.


A next-generation anesthesia system expanding the use of inhaled anesthetics worldwide.

Clarity-IA™ is based on a worldwide exclusively licensed portfolio of 55 patents and applications from the University of New York at Buffalo. First Wave’s subsidiary, Medical Conservation Devices, LLC (MCD), has taken the lead and developed a platform technology whose first product has several unique characteristics, including:

1. MCD’s Clarity-IA™ system turns any existing ventilator into the equivalent of a $75,000 anesthesia machine for less than a third of the cost, thus, reducing hospital capital expenditure.

This results in any account being available to target from a sales and marketing standpoint, regardless of their existing equipment choice or equipment purchasing cycle.

2. Self-regulation technology allows Clarity-IA™ to adapt in real time to changing conditions, ensuring accuracy of dosing and reducing staff work load.

In addition, the system still transmits the respiratory settings of the ventilator to patient, allowing use of advanced spontaneous breathing modes.

3. Disposable device design completely isolates the patient and ventilator air reducing the risk of environmental and patient contamination, allows easy scavenging to either hospital suction or vacuum.

In later product generations, the MCD technology has the ability to be extended into the low cost platform for anesthesia and ventilation on a worldwide basis with the ability to treat up to eight (8) patients from a single system; ideal for emerging markets.

This product is currently under regulatory review and not available for sale.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States and world face a severe shortage of ventilators, with certain mortality of those patients unable to access such critical lifesaving equipment.  The greatest hazard we face is not doing everything in our collective powers to make more ventilators available.

Based on a worldwide exclusively licensed portfolio of 55 patents and applications from the University of New York at Buffalo, the IsoVENTTM Positive Pressure Ventilator provides a number of significant clinical benefits to patients and the hospital systems currently impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including several unique features not found in other ventilators. Chief amongst these are:

  • Oxygen conservation of 70%-85% of the oxygen wasted by traditional ventilators and CPAP machines depending on their configuration. As more patients are hospitalized and require supplemental oxygen, along with COVID-19 potentially impacting supply deliveries, oxygen conservation is becoming an increasingly important. 
  • Complete patient isolation and active scavenging of infectious patient aerosols.
  • Robust set of patient alarms, including:

Patient Chamber High Pressure, Patient Chamber Low Pressure, Patient Chamber Continuing Pressure (PEEP) Alarm, Oxygen Supply Low, Air Supply Low

Tidal Volume – High and Low

Auxiliary Fresh Gas Flow (patient circuit leak)

Power On Battery, Battery Low/Fault, Bag Pressure Monitoring Line Disconnect

FiO2 and CO2 concentration via required external monitoring

    • Broad range of monitored parameters, including:

    Inspired and Exhaled Volume, Peak Inspiratory Pressure, Inspiratory fraction, Breath rate & Gas flow

      • Standards compliant UPS battery backup with service life estimated up to 6 hours, an added benefit given uncertain deployment needs.

      Overall, the IsoVENTTM Positive Pressure Ventilator provides a greater set of features and functional benefits compared to other similarly priced systems (like transport ventilators), and avoids the need to purchase components needed with other ventialtors (HMEs, heated tubing, filters, etc.) which are in short supply.  Thus allowing more expensive traditional Critical Care Ventilators to be dedicated to patients requiring weaning or spontaneous breathing support.

      Future ventilation modes include CPAP for patient weaning, support for spontaneously breathing patients and multi-patient sharing.

      This product is currently under regulatory review and not available for sale.