First Wave leverages valuable clinical insight and innovative engineering to develop and sell medical devices with the goal of establishing a new standard of care.

First Wave Technology is a medical device company developing products for the acute care and long- term care markets.  Our focus is to significantly enhance healthcare innovation by focusing on products which, historically, have not seen meaningful change. Our suite of medical devices are centered around improving the ease and accuracy of pharmaceutical delivery and providing a better healthcare experience for both patients and caregivers.

First Wave identifies innovative medical device opportunities originating out of universities in the Northeast area.  We believe that many non-traditional markets have been overlooked by the majority of venture capitalists who typically target higher-profile centers of excellence for emerging innovation.  At First Wave, emphasis is placed on addressing meaningful patient care issues significantly impacting today’s healthcare landscape.

First Wave looks to invest in products that:

  • Provide significant benefit to both patients and caregivers
  • Are used on a regular (daily) basis by a large patient population
  • Offer significant improvement to existing products that have seen little innovation or have otherwise been overlooked

First Wave’s management, board of advisors, and scientific teams have experience in: medical device development, venture capital, clinical research, manufacturing, business development, and sales and marketing.