Doug DuFaux

Technical Director

Mr. DuFaux combines over 20 years of experience in product and process development with extensive experience in manufacturing development, engineering, customer relationships, and intellectual property. His unique combination of industry experience, including medical devices, electronics & controls, advanced materials, consumer products, and chemicals, provides Mr. DuFaux with an effective development perspective. Formerly a Director for Product Commercialization at NanoDynamics and VP of Operations at AP Materials, Mr. DuFaux is a Licensed Professional Engineer and has earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

• Developed proprietary systems and packaging for medical products company entering pharmaceutical accessories market
• Principal Investigator for a Dept. of Defense program aimed at developing an FDA approved semi-automated re-breathing ventilation technology for delivery of volatile agents for field-deployable analgesia and anesthesia
Supporting development and quality process efforts with the near-term goal of 510(k) submission
Modification of designs include single-point, mobile, ICU capabilities

• Directed development of tri-band optical sensors for two-year National Institutes of Health program
Sensors were coupled with an enzyme-based instrument for detection of hazardous chemicals for DHS applications;

• Led product development and manufacturing of a hollow-core golf ball:
Led the development and implementation of a multi-stage manufacturing process for high-rate production of metal golf ball cores; Worked with quality team to ensure targets met;
Achieved USGA certification after 18-month negotiation with USGA;
Received national press coverage from sources including The Wall Street Journal, CBS Evening News, USA Today, The Buffalo News, Design News, among others.