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Medical Conservation Devices (MCD)

Based on a worldwide exclusively licensed portfolio of 55 patents and applications from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Medical Conservation Devices, LLC (MCD) has developed a platform technology whose first product has several unique characteristics, including:

  1. MCD’s Clarity-IA™ system turns any existing ventilator into the equivalent of a $75,000 anesthesia machine for less than half the cost, thus, reducing hospital capital expenditure.

    This results in any account being available to target from a sales and marketing standpoint, regardless of their existing equipment choice or equipment purchasing cycle.
  2. Self-regulation technology allows Clarity-IA™ to adapt in real time to changing conditions, ensuring accuracy of dosing and reducing staff work load.

    In addition, the system still transmits the respiratory settings of the ventilator to patient, allowing use of advanced spontaneous breathing modes.
  3. Disposable device design completely isolates the patient and ventilator air reducing the risk of environmental and patient contamination, allows easy scavenging to either hospital suction or vacuum.

In later product generations, the MCD technology has the ability to be extended into the low cost platform for anesthesia and ventilation on a worldwide basis with the ability to treat up to eight (8) patients from a single system; ideal for emerging markets.

This product is currently under regulatory review and not available for sale.