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First Wave Products Group, LLCFirst Wave Products Group, LLC

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First Wave Products Group, LLC is based on a concept for a fully automated pill crusher from the University of Buffalo's Center for Assistive Technology, which had previously worked with companies such as Black & Decker to launch new assistive devices.

Since the invention of the mortar and pestle, tablet or pill crushing has been an integral and daily routine for pharmacists and caregivers. However, the product category has historically been considered a commodity with mostly arcane manual approaches utilized.

What was needed was a technical solution which demonstrated the impact of product performance on clinical outcomes (patient rejec-tion, lost dosing, etc.).

Our initial market focus is the ~69,000 institutional care sites in the US, which already utilize some sort of Crushing device as part of their daily patient care.


Nursing home, long-term care facility, and hospital workers often crush hundreds of pills in any given day. Residents require up to 16 pills per patient and dis-pensing up to 6 times per day across an average of 100-200 beds.